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Chaddy The Owl

Chaddy The Owl

Hello, I'm Chaddy the Owl, Oldham Athletic's mascot. Welcome to my page!

Chaddy The Owl

I am 29 years old and I’m looking forward to celebrating my 30th birthday this year!

This season I have really enjoyed meeting all the junior supporters in our new Family and Community section which has proved to be very popular.

I regularly join in all the different activities there and love interacting with the children who attend.

Usually I have to pose for a lot of pictures but I don’t mind. But please, make sure you get me on my good side!

I am partial to birdseed and the odd worm if any of you junior supporters want to feed me. 

Not only do I appear on match days, I am also available for parties, weddings and other special events.

Here are some pictures of me with my friends: