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Hall Of Fame

Hall Of Fame

This is a Hall of Fame to recognise the supporters who have contributed £20 to the Tifosy #KnowTheScore campaign as the club aim to raise money to fund a scoreboard at Park.

Geoff Tidey
Fausto Zanetton
Mitch Moisley
Simon Colebrook
Hayden Schofield
Mike Suban
Simon Colebrook
David Broadbent
David Green 
Lee Dickenson
Michael Bentley
Phil Kershaw
Pete Nuttall
Callum Walker
Andrew Huskinson
Geoffrey Smith
Rick Attwood
Peter Crawshaw
Madge Cotgreave
Ian Irlam
Phill Smith
Nicholas Skinner
Joey Flash Jones
Saija Palosaari
Phillip Hardcastle
Joshua Jones
Ryan McKenna
Richard Nelson
David Fearon
Hector Garcia-Armero
Paul Mellor
Anthony McNamara 
Mark Bottomley
Colin Hardcastle
Martyn Sharpe
Andrew Marsden
Finlay Brogan
Ric Cartwright
Jacob Cartwright
James Elstub
Simon Mather

Supporters can have their name added to their list if they contribute £20 to the #KnowTheScore campaign, raising money for a scoreboard at Park.

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