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At Oldham Athletic Community Trust, we run numerous community based projects across the town of Oldham.

To find out more about our projects, check out the information below by opening the drop boxes to read more. 

Contact our Community Engagement Lead, Peter Boase to find out more about all our community based projects at

OACT Community Projects

What is Premier League Kicks?
Premier League Kicks is a national programme funded by the Premier League, which looks to promote and provide young people with opportunities in areas with a high need, using sport as a tool to drive this forward. To provide opportunities for young people to develop their skills and confidence and support young people to progress into positive pathways.

The Oldham Athletic Community Trust will look to do this throughout the borough of Oldham through free sessions open to anyone aged 8 to 16.

Who is it for?
Anybody between the ages 8-16.

OACT Promise:

  • Use sport as a tool to create safe and inclusive environments to engage the youth.
  • Provide opportunities to represent Oldham at competitions.
  • Provide opportunities for participants to become volunteer workers, leading to coaching badges and qualifications, and potential paid work.
  • Every session will have a safe and inclusive environment for the different activities.
  • Provide pathways for participants to join local community clubs/ teams.

Oldham Athletic Community Trust are extremely grateful for the service of our country by our local armed forces veterans . We support our local military veterans through free weekly football sessions that help to maintain good physical and mental health.

Our local veterans can meet and engage with others that have served our country, ensuring they continue to feel part of a team after their service. Oldham Athletic Military Veterans can participate in fixtures against other veterans’ football teams such as Burnley, Rochdale and Manchester City.

Oldham Athletic Military Veterans train every Monday 6-7pm at Broadfield Primary School, Goddard Street, Oldham, OL8 1LH.

On Tuesday evenings, we run a women’s only over 30’s football session at Coop Failsworth Academy. This session allows women to participate in physical activity for free in a safe and secure environment with other women.

This is advertised as a Just Play session, it is simply a football wellbeing session for any woman over 30 regardless of ability. Our sessions are fun, lively and welcoming and are brilliant for anyone who is interested in playing football in an environment free of judgement.

Women’s Over 30 Football play every Tuesday 8-9pm at Coop Academy Failsworth, Brierley Ave, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 9HA.

On September 30th we are launching our over 65’s coffee morning in partnership with ABL Health. Based in the Family Stand at Boundary Park between 10am - 11am we will welcome over 65’s into the stadium for a brew and a chat.

The pandemic has forced a lot of people to live without social interaction over the last 18 months. Now with restrictions easing and opportunities to spend time with others is allowed, we want to provide something to those that need it most.

The coffee morning will be every Thursday 10-11am in the Family Stand at Boundary Park, Furtherwood Road, OL1 2PB.

We are delighted to announce we are launching our Walking Football session from Tuesday 14 September.

The session will be weekly, every Tuesday 10-11am at The Honeywell Centre.

This session is open to any age and any ability. The session is not directly aimed at participants over a certain age, we do not want to exclude younger players returning from injury or those struggling with health issues.

Walking Football is a unique, small-sided version of Football. As the name suggests, it is strictly walking only with some other rule changes from Association Football. The ball is not allowed above head height, there is no physical contact and only goalkeepers are allowed in the goal area.


We support Oldham Bethnal Church by hosting a FREE weekly football session for refugees, asylum seekers and those on low income every Thursday evening. Open to anyone who is over 16, we welcome any ability and have no upper age limit. Community Football is provided in association with Oldham Bethel Church, who can help to provide boots and kit for those that need it most for the sessions.

It is a great opportunity to engage in physical activity with people from a variety of backgrounds in a fun and enjoyable environment.

To attend this session, you must be registered by clicking the link HERE

Community Football is every Thursday 8pm - 9:30pm at Broadfield Primary School, Goddard Street, OL8 1LH.