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We are delighted to share an update from OACT 'Friend Of', Upturn directly from co-founder and people and HRM director, Maria Williams!

As an active supporter of Upturn Services we wanted to share some exciting news about purchasing the iconic electric VW ID Buzz.

As result of our ever-increasing demand in services and the lack of trust in mainstream provisions Upturn are pleased to inform you that we have just secured some part funding to towards purchase the VW ID Buzz Style Campervan which will become our mobile unit that will be deployed within communities. That will obviously be carbon neutral and built using recycled materials.

This amazing news will allow us to extend our services for disadvantaged people and minority communities. It will enable us to reach deep in the heart of disadvantaged areas across Greater Manchester and in particular #Oldham #Rochdale #GreaterManchester to generate interest in developing new horizons, better life chances and opportunities for individuals to develop and succeed.

Upturn delivers services and projects which drive positive social change for people and communities most in need, and hardest to reach. They are often on the fringes of society, most vulnerable and live in areas of multiple deprivation, where levels of poverty are high. Many are people, who could be second/third-generation unemployed. They have poor life chances unfortunately!

We intervene early to help people, building new horizons and ambitions. We do so through innovative solutions, grounded in the community. We involve local people in the development of services, their testing, management, and evaluation. This ensures all we do is needs-led and builds engagement, trust, collaboration, and positive change making a real difference in transforming lives and communities.

For example, the vehicle will help young people not engaged hiding away and give them the chance to access a range of new experiences that they may not otherwise have.

It will also enable Upturn to provide new experiences for disadvantaged people, by introducing day breaks – a trip to the seaside or countryside for small groups. This will be a new life experience for our most disadvantaged people, as some have never/ rarely been outside the area they live in. Many people could not even dream of taking a break - they are approaching us in desperation in the current cost of living crisis for financial support with food and clothing and even transport costs (e.g., bus fares). We help, wherever, we can through the use of cash reserves, and this makes a tremendous difference to health and welfare.

On behalf of Co-founders Anwar Ali OBE and Maria Williams we really appreciate all the support we have received over the past 20 years but only together with our partners and supporters have we been able to make a difference in helping people unlock there potential.

This new vehicle will enable us to reach 1000's of more people who need our help, and you can feel proud to have contributed however large or small amounts - every pound raised will make a difference but only together with our partners and supporters have we been able to make a difference in helping people unlock there potential.

You can play your part in helping us raise the final amounts to get this vehicle delivering for communities. If you would like to donate Avia are match funding donations up to £250, please help us help our communities most in need.

Crowd fund Link:

Communities in Greater Manchester need our help!!! - a Community crowdfunding project in Oldham by Steve Carroll (

Thank you in advance and please share and promote, every pound raised will be spent helping communities across Greater Manchester.

Latest video of the progress being made VW ID BUZZ - Upturn Enterprise - YouTube

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