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Disability Policy

Disability Policy


Below is our disability policy that will commence from the 2021/22 season (including season ticket renewals). If you have any questions or wish to discuss any of the policy with us, or have any specific medical requirements, please contact our Disability Liaison Officer Pamela Makin o0n 0161 624 4972 


Oldham Athletic Football Club fully supports the principle of equal opportunities and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of disability. Our aim is to make the match-day experience as enjoyable as possible and inclusive for all supporters. 


For spectators in wheelchairs, there are adequate arrangements made and seating is readily available for any Carers/Companions/Personal Assistants to sit close by. Accessible toilet facilities are available at both end stands; the club also operates with Disabilities Liaison Stewards who will be present on match days and be in direct radio contact with Event Control. Where spectators have other mobility impairments (e.g., frail/elderly, on crutches, etc.) and require parking in the car park, they can inform the Club in advance and the Stewards will make every effort to reserve an appropriate accessible parking place and stadium seating. 

Stewards will take necessary steps to minimise interference in viewing lines for disabled or mobility-impaired spectators. Due to advertising boards around the pitch, there may be some interference in viewing lines for spectators seated on the first row especially the North Stand. Should any spectator raise such an issue, every effort will be made to relocate that person. 

If a visually or hearing-impaired spectator requires the assistance of a guide dog, the dog will be allowed access to the stadium free of charge - other dogs are permitted entry only at the discretion of club officials depending on the dog’s nature and match/ crowd circumstances. If required, a suitable seating or terrace location will be provided where the dog can comfortably rest. 

The Safety Officer has regular contact with the Disabled Fans Liaison Officer. 


Disability is one of the nine protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act (2010). This act ensures that those sections of the population covered by the legislation will not be discriminated against as follows: 

  • direct discrimination - treating someone with a protected characteristic less favorably than others 
  • indirect discrimination - putting rules or arrangements in place that apply to everyone, but that put someone with a protected characteristic at an unfair disadvantage 

Oldham Athletic Football Club aim to fully comply with both the spirit and provisions of the Act. 

Disabled Supporters Ticketing Policy 

Oldham Athletic Football Club fully supports the principle of equal opportunities and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of disability. Our aim is to make the match-day experience as enjoyable as possible and inclusive for all supporters. 

Definition of a Disabled Supporter 

For the purposes of this policy the definition of a disabled supporter is: "any person who, because of their disability or impairment, is unable to use ordinary stand seating without contravening Health and Safety regulations, guidelines or policy. Any such person will be considered for use of the designated areas of the stadium in line with the procedures set out in this policy." 


All disabled supporter tickets must be purchased in person at the ticket office or via the phone 0161 785 5150. On the initial purchase you will be required to provide the relevant evidence. 

Disabled supporters will be able to purchase a season ticket. Below are our 2019/20 Season ticket prices: 

  • Adult ambulant disabled: £270 
  • Over 65 ambulant disabled: £160 
  • Student ambulant disabled: £160 
  • U21 ambulant disabled: £160 
  • U18 ambulant disabled: £48 
  • Carer/Companion/Personal Assistant: One Free Match tickets will be available.

For ticketing issues that fall outside the Club’s set policy, please contact the Ticket Office at 


Please note that these tickets are available by right to those supporters who are in receipt Disability Living Allowance - higher level carer or higher rate mobility, or enhanced level of PIP (either the care or mobility component needs to be ‘higher’, discounted tickets will not be available for ‘middle’ or ‘lower’ care or mobility components). Evidence of this will need to be provided to club prior to purchase of season tickets or match day tickets, the evidence provided must be a letter where the living allowance is in date. One complimentary carer/companion/personal assistant ticket will be issued, on request, with every season ticket or match ticket purchased. 

However, we are happy to consider requests on a case-by-case basis from those who don’t meet the strict criteria. Please contact the ticket office for more details. In most cases our DLO will arrange a personal meeting to discuss any specific needs. 

Please note that that the issue and use of carer’s/companions/personal assistant tickets is closely monitored. These tickets are issued solely to enable a disabled supporter to attend and enjoy the match; therefore, they are not valid and must not be used if the disabled supporter is not in attendance. Any misuse of these tickets is likely to result in them being withdrawn. 


Home Supporters 

North Stand (Joe Royle Stand)

There are six wheelchairs' spaces located at the rear of this stand at a high level. These are all currently allocated to season-ticket holders for the 2021/22 season. 

There are 18 seats at the front of this stand at low level for ambulant disabled and wheelchair users. 

Rochdale Road End (Jimmy Frizzell Stand)

There are 29 wheelchair spaces located at the rear of this stand at a high level 
Visiting Supporters 

Chaderton Road End 

There are 8 spaces for wheelchairs available for visiting supporters. All spaces are at pitch level. 


Oldham Athletic are aware that there are a considerable number of people in the community who use wheelchairs, mainly for outdoors mobility purposes, but are not necessarily confined to their wheelchair. There are also many people suffering severe walking difficulties who may wish to watch a match. For the purpose of this policy both categories of people will be termed as 'ambulant disabled supporters'. Those supporters with ambulatory disabilities of a severe nature will be able to have access to seating nearest the entrances/exists – please request this when purchasing tickets at the ticket office. 

Disabled Accessible/Supported Car Parking 

Season car parking for disabled fans is under review. There are a limited number of spaces available for disabled fans and we are looking to prioritise fans which have the highest need. 

Priority will be given to season ticket holders who meet the criteria. 

To speak to someone at the club, please use the contact details below. All correspondence will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. 

Oldham Athletic Football Club: 

Pamela Makin - Disability Liaison Officer 
Call/Text: 07738 131463 

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