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Golden Goal

Last game: Crawley Town (07/05/22) - 25:42 (£250 no winner).

Sponsored by Cut Throat Kenny, those who buy a ticket can receive a 10% discount on a haircut. Please note, the ticket needs to be taken in the Oldham or Royton shops and redeemed in person, not online.

Golden Goal tickets are priced at £1 per ticket and each ticket has a unique five-second time slot attached.

If the first goal of the game is scored in that specific time slot, the supporter with the winning ticket will win a guaranteed £250 prize.
Should no goals be scored in the game, or if a supporter does not hold the winning ticket, then the prize money will rollover into the next home league game, where the prize fund will increase by £250 per rollover up to a maximum of £1,000.
The £1,000 limit will then continue to rollover at that sum until it is won. 
Also, goals will only be counted if they are scored between 00:00-45:00 and 45:01-90:00, meaning injury-time goals do not count. Should a goal be scored in injury time, the rollover rules apply.
The goal time will be announced via the stadium announcer and updates provided via the club’s official website before each home league fixture.
The winning supporter can collect their prize from the main reception after the game where details will be taken.
Golden Goal ticket sellers will be located around the ground in each stand.
Terms & Conditions:
  • There is no limit to the number of tickets supporters can buy.
  • The ‘Golden Goal’ is the first goal scored in the game.
  • No other goals in the game count in this competition. 
  • The winning time announced by the stadium announcer is final.
  • Only goals scored between 00:00-45:00 and 45:01-90:00 will count.
  • If the first goal of the game is scored in injury time at the end of the first or second half, a rollover will apply.
  • If no goal is scored in the match, a rollover will apply.
  • If the winning ticket is not sold, a rollover will apply.
  • No ticket, no prize.
  • Damaged tickets may not be accepted.
  • Prizes can be claimed from the Oldham Athletic main reception after the game where bank details will be taken and the funds transferred the following week.
  • In the event of a rollover, it will be announced via the club’s website before the game.
  • £250 prize guaranteed.