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Latics warning to fans

12 December 2012

Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated

Latics are warning fans that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated at Boundary Park.

A number of complaints from supporters have been received stating that their enjoyment of attending games at Boundary Park has been adversely effected and that, in some instances, the safety of fans has been compromised.

The club is taking decisive action after incidents of this type of activity have risen during the early part of the 2012/2013 campaign.

Chief Executive, Neil Joy says such behaviour is damaging the club’s hard-won reputation for providing a safe, family friendly environment in which to watch football.

He said: "We have no problem with fans who wish to generate a lively and vibrant atmosphere at Boundary Park, and we encourage fans to continue to do so.

"However, we have recently had supporters ejected for such offences as bottle throwing and attempting to light people's hair with cigarette lighters.

This is totally unacceptable behaviour and cannot be tolerated.

"There is a danger of alienating supporters or, worse still, discouraging fans from attending games as a direct result of the behaviour of a small number of individuals at a time when we need to be attracting more supporters to the club."

Latics also fear the goodwill generated from initiatives such as the £10 junior season ticket and the relaunch of the Boundary Blues supporters club could be lost.

Mr Joy continued: "I would ask any fans who are of a mind to behave in an inappropriate manner to think about their attitude towards the club they support and be aware of the potential consequences of their actions."

As well as discouraging fans from attending games, anti-social behaviour can have further financial consequences for the club.

Greater Manchester Police have ‘spotters’ attending all games that are not policed and are aware of these incidents. As a direct result meetings have taken place with club officials at which the topic of actively policing more games has been discussed.

"The club can ill afford additional costs at a time when every penny counts," said Mr Joy. " It is a further reason why everyone who has a stake in the club must act firmly to prevent the minority from spoiling the match day experience of others and to ensure that they treat their club with the respect it deserves."



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