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Club News

Centre of Excellence programme

28 September 2012

Essential information




Oldham Athletic is a long established member of the Football League with a proud history and traditions, one of which is the opportunity offered to young players within our successful Centre of Excellence which has paved the way for a great number of young players into professional football over the years.

There are currently six players in this season's professional squad that have come through our youth system (most from the Centre of Excellence through the apprenticeship scheme to become full time professionals)

Through this website page, we aim to provide you with all you need to know about what we do, how we do it and what we are looking to achieve.

The club has achieved great success under the current regime, bringing through many players who have gone on to make an impact at first team level.


The major purpose of Oldham Athletic Youth Programme is to make a positive impact on the club's financial performance and the Club's success on the field. This is achievable by producing marketable assets of young professionals that improve our first team and realise income from the transfer fees of those that may be sold to other clubs.

It is a train of thought that the players produced through the youth system may tend to have a greater allegiance to the Club than those transferred in.

In order to achieve this purpose there are a number of major objectives within the whole coaching process that also must be achieved.

1Identification of young players with real potential.

2Development of area links that enable Club to develop more local young players.

3Employment, deployment and training of staff to develop a large knowledge base, experience, qualification, and a sound philosophy.

4Provision of adequate facilities.

5Maximise the Club's direct intervention time with its young players in technical, academic, personal, social and moral education.

6Provide a high level competition both within the Club and against other Club's.

7Develop an effective learning environment within the Youth Programme.

The Club's existing strengths in the development of young players and its ability to maximise the opportunities provided by the Football Association's "Charter for Quality" will be a major factor in the Club's future success.



Oldham Athletic (2004) AFC Ltd acknowledges that all employees of the Club should have equal access to the Club's services and employment.

The Club is committed to equal opportunities for all and acknowledges the differences that do exist within the community.We will ensure that our services and employment practices do not disadvantage any groups or individuals.

We aim to ensure that activities which the Club is involved in do not discriminate, exclude or alienate anyone on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion cultural background, sex, sexuality, disability, domestic circumstances, illness (such as HIV or AIDS status), age, membership of trade unions or political beliefs.

Oldham Athletic Football Club's employees, contractors and users of the Club's services are required to respect this statement.




·To provide encouragement at all times in educational studies.

·To establish good links with schools of all registered boys.

·Meetings with schools in terms of Centre of Excellence boys' progress.

·To provide good grounding in social skills such as discipline, personal appearance, hygiene, health & fitness and general lifestyle.

·To educate all staff on Child Protection issues.


Address:Youth Development Department, OAFC, Boundary Park, OldhamOL1 2PA.

Telephone:0161 785 5160

E-mail:All staff can be contacted at


Head of Youth DevelopmentTony Philliskirk0161 785 5160

Centre of Excellence ManagerMick Priest0161 785 5160

Assistant C of Ex ManagerMark Hilditch0161 785 5160

PhysioAnthony Gray 0161 785 5160

Asst PhysiosAdam Brown, Alex Taylor 0161 785 5160

Child Protection OfficerMark Hilditch07988 992007

Chief Youth ScoutRon Millward0161 785 5160

YD AdministratorTanya Blakey0161 785 5160


Under-9: Tom and Jamie Blood  Under-10: Michael Jeffries

 and Frank Wolstenholme Under-11: Craig Large and Martin Vose

  Under-12: Adam Temple

  Under-13: Gary Lewis and Pete Wild

  Under-14: Derek Ogden and Chris Rowney.


Under-16: Paul Ogden and Mark Allott

Under-15: Paul Johnson and Steve Morgan


Nigel Hampson

Josh Ollerenshaw



All players registered with Oldham Athletic will be expected to play in BLACK moulded or studded boots.

Academy players are no longer allowed to play grassroots football. This rule has always veen in place, and is now enforced by the Football League as part of the Elite Player Performance Plan.


Bladed boots must not be worn at any training session or game, regardless of playing surface.


If you have any problems regarding this, please speak to Mick Priest.

Tickets will only be issued to the cardholders (or his parent or guardian). If a parent wishes to get tickets for other players, they must have their ID cards in addition to their own.

Any player wishing to receive a ticket will have to produce an ID card which is provided by Tanya who requires a passport photo.

Academy players are entitled to a complimentary ticket, and can buy a ticket at the concession rate for the particular game (£10). This applies only to first team league games and NOT cup games.

Order forms are at the back of the Centre of Excellence induction booklet or can be supplied by Tanya or from the shop (0161 785 5169).

Training kit is now available through the WE ARE LATICS club shop.








Hulme Grammar School

6 -8pm

U9 & U10







Cardinal Langley School

6 – 7.30pm


7.30 – 9pm

U11 & U12

U13 & U14

U15, & U16





Cardinal Langley School

7.30pm – 8.30pm

All goalkeepers





Cardinal Langley School

6.00 - 7.30


7.30 - 9.00

U9/U10/U11/ U12

& 13

U14/ U15 & U16





If a player is injured on a Sunday, you must ring Anthony that day (07738 131463) to make an appointment to attend his clinic. If this procedure is not followed, the player will not be treated.

No player will be treated by Adam at a training session unless they have been assessed by Anthony at one of his clinics at the club.

Please make sure that Tanya has aCURRENT MOBILE/CONTACT NUMBER , also aCURRENT 

E-MAILaddress would be useful.





The overall management of most sports injuries is based on 6 principles:

1Minimize the extent of the initial damage

2Reduce any associated pain and inflammation

3Promote healing of the damaged tissue

4Maintain or restore flexibility, strength, proprioception and overall fitness during the healing phase.

5Functionally rehabilitate the injured athlete to enable return to sport

6Assess and correct any predisposing factors to reduce the likelihood of recurrence

The Soft Tissue Injury Process





Pain/TendernessÜSwellingÞImpaired Healing


Increased Pressure

On Tissues

The most important time in the treatment of soft tissue injuries is the

24 hoursimmediately following the injury


Treatment should start immediately!!!

The Effects of Acute Injury

When soft tissue such as muscle, tendon or ligament is injured, blood vessels are usually torn and damaged too which can bleed for up to 24-72 hours depending on the severity of the injury.This causes blood to accumulate around the damaged tissues.This compresses adjoined tissue which causes tissue anoxia and further damage.

Swelling and increased pressure may inhibit the healing of damaged tissues, causing pain, leading to muscle spasm and disuse.

Immediately: Pain occurs as a result of damage and

compression to nerve endings as well as

the release of chemicals.

Subsequently: Inflammation will occur, the signs of

which include:





·Reduced function

Consequently, every effort should be made to reduce the amount of bleeding and swelling at the site of injury. Pain relief and protection from further damage also need to be considered.The most appropriate method of doing this is summarized by the lettersPRICE. 







The injured player must refrain from all activities in order to protect themselves from further injury


Rest is a valuable contributor to the healing process. The injured player should cease activity immediately following injury. Continued active movement of the injured part will result in increased bleeding and swelling.

For example, with a thigh contusion (Dead leg), bleeding will be increased by contraction of the quadriceps muscle during running. In more serious injuries, the injured part may need to be rested completely with the use of crutches for a lower limb injury or a sling for upper limb injuries.

Movements that do not produce pain at the site of injury should be performed to maintain mobility of the rest of the body.

It is important to get the correct balance between resting the injured area and early mobilization.


The application of ice immediately after injury results in reduction of pain and causes local vasoconstriction (contraction of blood vessels that narrows/decreases the diameter of the blood vessels) thus reducing bleeding and swelling. Ice reduces the metabolic rate of tissue, thus lowering demands on oxygen and nutrients. Ice may also decrease inflammation and muscle spasm.

Ice can be applied in a number of forms. Crushed ice can be wrapped in a moist cloth or towel and placed around the injured area. It is held in place by a crepe bandage. Other methods include reusable frozen gel packs and instant ice packs that do not need pre-cooling but rely on chemical reaction to provide instant cold. A bag of frozen peas is a cheap but effective method.

Ice is usually applied for 12 minutes every 'waking hour'. Precaution must be taken when using ice. It is important to protect the skin over the site of injury from an 'ice burn' by wrapping the ice in a damp towel or cloth.

Never apply heat e.g. hot bath/Deep Heat, as this will increase swelling and pain and do not apply ice to open wounds as it may cause infection.


Compression offers counter pressure to the injured site, reducing underlying blood flow and controlling swelling. The patients circulation should be checked at regular intervals using the 'capillary refill test'. The players nail bed of the toes or fingers are squeezed and then released. The blood can be seen returning to the nail bed on release. The compression bandage can be worn for up to 24 hours before reapplication. It also serves to protect the injured area from further damage through immobilization.

Compression should be applied with care, as too much pressure can be harmful!!!Any loss of sensation at the injured part should alert the player that the mode of compression is too restrictive.


The limb should be placed in an elevated position above the level of the heart, so that gravity can assist with the return of blood and fluid to the heart and decrease blood pressure. This reduces the opportunity for the formation of further swelling and aids the drainage of existing fluid to the general circulation via the lymphatic system. The majority of the limb should be above the level of the heart. Pain free, active (very low level) non-weight bearing movements can be performed in elevation to assist drainage by the use of a 'muscle pump' action. Static (isometric) exercises are useful for this purpose.

Rhythmical movements of the uninjured joints of the body are advisable to promote blood and lymph circulation e.g. non-weight bearing foot and ankle exercises when the knee has been injured.

Anti-inflammatory medication may be taken but only when prescribed by a qualified physician

Things to avoid in the acute stage of injury include:



3Rub/Liniment Running

4Massage (Vigorous)

Each of the factors above can increase the symptoms and severity of the injury.

You should follow the PRICE procedure to help promote healing for up to 72 hours following injury. However, if you sustain an injury, you should notify both your Coach and the Physio as soon as possible to make an appointment.


The following information has been put together by our Physiotherapist to give players and their parents guidance as to the kind of things the players should be eating.

Please ensure that you have access tofresh fruit, breakfast cereals, skimmed milk, toast + preserves at all times 


Toast, cereal, jam/marmalade, poached egg, lean meat, skimmed milk, fresh juice


Baked potato, tuna, chicken/turkey meat, baked beans, salad, pasta, vegetables, rice, fresh fruit


Fresh fruit, lean meat or tuna + salad sandwiches, baked potato, raisins, tea, skimmed milk, yoghurt


Lean meat, vegetables, potato, pasta or rice dish (light on fat/dressings) with salad, fresh fruit


Nothing heavy or stodgy, cereal, toast, sandwich, baked potato


Carbohydrate drink (with protein?), jam sandwiches, lean meat sandwiches, baked potato + tuna + baked beans, fruit

PRE-MATCH (3 hours before game)

Low in fat - high in carbohydrates

Lean meat, potato/pasta/rice, vegetables, fruit, fluid (isotonic drink)


Isotonic drink (200-500ml), raisins/cereal bar + water


The only drinks players should consume are isotonic drinks, fresh juice, water or tea


The first hour after training and matches is the most important time to eat, drink and refuel.This will enable your body to recover sufficiently in preparation for your next training session/game.


We have no planned trial games at present.


Trialists are invited into the Club for an initial trial period. The length of the trial will be decided by the Group Lead Coach and Assistant C of Ex Manager, and can be anything from 3 to 6 weeks (maximum).During this time the player will train twice a week as well as taking part in weekly games with their respective age group squad.

All trialists are requested to wear dark clothing, (not other Club's replica kits) for training sessions, match kit will obviously be supplied.

The player and a parent will sign a trialists form (YD8) which will then be registered with the Football League, at the end of the trial period, the player along with his parent will be given verbal feedback by the Coach and Centre of Excellence Manager and will either be offered a contract with the Club or will be advised to return to his Club along with some advice on improvement.

If a player is offered a contract he and his parent will then sign a Registration Form (YD4/6), which will then be registered with the Football League.

If any trialists (or his parent) have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Lead Coach, the Assistant Centre of Ex manager (Mark Hilditch) or Tanya Blakey in the YD Office.

If you are interested in trial, please send a CV into the Club by post, fax or e-mail. Please include the following information:


Age and Date of Birth


Contact Numbers (Day and Evening)

Playing Position

Playing Experience

Current Club

You will be contacted in due course by one of our scouts.


CHAPEL ROAD: GRASS (Youth Alliance) & FIELDTURF (C of Ex)-OL8 4QL


-Leave M62 at j20 following Oldham signs on a627(m).

-Leave A627(m) at Oldham sign (1/2 mile from end of motorway).

ndTake town centre/Ashton sign (2 exit)

rd-At next roundabout keep following these signs (3 exit).

rd-Take first exit from this road and follow A62 Manchester signs (3 exit) on roundabout).

-Stay on this road for approx. 1 mile.

-Turn left at Bridgewater pub for grass pitches turn left at next set of lights forAstroturf 


-Leave M60 at J22 following signs for Oldham (A62)

nd-At 2 set of lights turn right forAstroturf .

rd-At 3 set of lights turn right at Bridgewater pub forgrass pitches .




-Take A62 from Manchester. Keep on this road for approximately 4 miles.

nd-When you go through the M60 junction (crossing over the M60), turn right at 2 set of lights forAstroturf 

rd-Turn right at 3 set of lights for grass pitches - Watch for the signs overhead.


-Take Oldham road (A627).

-Opposite Park Cake Bakeries turn left (signed Manchester)

-Follow this road to end and turn right onto A62.

-Pick up route(c) 


TEL:0161 681 3083

From East/West

-Leave M62 at J20.

-Take OLDHAM signs on A627M.

-Continue on this road to the end of A627M ignoring Oldham turnoff, as this becomes the A633 to MANCHESTER.

-Keep on this road past several pelican crossings and traffic lights.

-When you reach the restricted area, take right hand lane and look for gap in central reservation leading to LANCASTER CLUB (approximately 200 yds before Junction with A62).

From Manchester

-Take A62 from City Centre, after approximately 3 miles look for A633

on left.

-Turn along A633 and look for entrance to LANCASTER CLUB on left.

From Ashton Under Lyne

-Take A627 from ASHTON.

-After approx 2 miles, look for signpost to MANCHESTER (opposite Park Cake Bakeries).

-Continue on this road to junction with A62.

-Join A62 and continue in Manchester direction.

-After approx 1 mile, look for A633 on right.

-Turn along A633 for approx 200 yds.


From M60

-Exit at Junction 21

-Take the A663 towards Oldham.

-Continue for approximately 1½ miles then bear left signed Royton.

-At roundabout take fourth exit signed Oldham.

-After 300 yards turn left at the traffic lights

-Follow the road keeping to your right and pass the B & Q Warehouse.

From M62

-Exit at Junction 22

-Take the A627M signed Oldham

-Leave the A627M at the second exit signed Oldham

-At the roundabout take the second exit signed Oldham.

-After 300 yards turn left at the traffic lights and follow the road keeping to your right past the B & Q Warehouse.


From M60

-Exit at Junction 22 and join the A62 Manchester Rd (signposted Oldham).

-Travel for just over a mile and turn right into Chamber Road.

-Proceed uphill for a further mile, cross Frederick Street (B6192) and the schools' main buildings are immediately on the right.

From A627(M)

-Leave the motorway by the slip road signed Oldham

-At the roundabout take the second exit on to Chadderton Way A627.

-Remain on the A627 across the next roundabout to the following intersection and leave by the slip road.

-At the roundabout turn right to join the A62 Manchester Street.

-Travel for approximately half a mile and turn left into Frederick Street (B6192).

-Travel for a further half a mile and turn left into Chamber Road.

-The schools' main buildings are immediately on the right.


M24 2GL


-Leave M62 at J20 A627(M) signposted Oldham/Middleton.

-Take first exit off A627(M) signposted Middleton (second exit off roundabout) onto Slattocks Link Road

-At next roundabout take third exit towards Middleton, (Rochdale Road - A664) over railway bridge.Hopwood Hall College is on the right hand side. At the traffic lights carry straight on, the entrance to Cardinal Langley School is on the left - approx 300 yards after lights.

-Turn left into the school following the one way system. The field turf pitch and car parking is behind the main building.

From A627 (M) from Oldham-


Take first exit signposted Middleton. At the end of the slip road take the first exit onto the Slattocks Link Road.

Then pick up directions as above



Goshen Sports Field -BL9 9HR

From the North:

-Exit M66, jct 2,

-Take Bury Road (A58) for 0.5 miles

-Turn into Heywood Street

-Follow this into Parkhills Road until the end.

-At traffic lights turn left into Manchester Road (A56)

-Then left into Gigg Lane.

-Left again onto Manchester Road (A56).

-Turn left at first petrol station onto Tennyson Avenue

-Follow road round to Goshen Sports Centre 

From South, East and West:

-Exit M60 (formerly M62) jct 17

-Take Bury Road (A56) for 3 miles

-Turn right into Gigg Lane.

-Left onto Manchester Road (A56).

-Turn left at first petrol station onto Tennyson Avenue

-Follow road round to Goshen Sports Centre


Squires Gate Training Ground

-Drive to the end of the M55

-Stay left at the roundabout following the signs A5230 South Shore/Airport.

-At the next roundabout take the third exit signed Squares Gate/Airport/South Shore.

-Drive for approx 2 miles through five sets of traffic lights.

-Approx 200 yards past the fifth set of lights which are at the main entrance to Blackpool Airport

-Turn left into Westgate Drive opposite a Shell Garage. Drive approx 100 yards along West Gate Drive and turn right into Martin Avenue.

-The training ground entrance is about 80 yards on the left.

Lytham Academy, Ballam Road, LythamFY8 4LB

From Manchester

-M61, M6, M55

-Exit J4 M55

-Keep left onto ramp for 0.3 miles towards A583 (Blackpool, North Shore)

-At roundabout take first exit onto a583

-At first set of traffic lights turn right onto Whitehill Road

-Turn immediately left onto Peel Road

-Continue along Peel Road until junction with Ballam Road

-Turn right into Ballam Road

-At the fork in road take the right fork (still Ballam Road)

-Pitch is on the left


Hanson School, Sutton Avenue, BradfordBD2 1JP

-Leave M62 at Junction 26

-Follow M606 Bradford spur to 2nd exit.

-Upon leaving the M606, follow signs for A650 to Keighley.

-On joining Wakefield Road (A650)

-Travel towards City Centre-go straight ahead at two roundabouts. (First roundabout has a large church on the right, second comes immediately after passing under a railway bridge.

-After Second roundabout on Wakefield Road (A650)

-Follow signs for Shipley, Keighley (large green signs on overhead gantry).

-You are now on the Inner Ring Road.

-Go straight ahead through SEVEN sets of traffic lights until you reach a complex of MODERN RETAIL UNITS (including Tesco and Staples) on the left.

-On the right there are three car showrooms (Audi, VW and Citroen).

-At this point you should be in the right hand lane to filter right up Kings Road at a set of traffic lights.

-Continue up Kings Road through the traffic lights for approximately half a mile.

-At the point where the road branches off to the left (there is a large grass triangle and a sign for "Hanson School Sports centre")

-Turn right into Sutton Avenue.

-The school driveway is at the end of Sutton Avenue.

-Car parking is available next to Main Entrance


-Exit junction 10 on the M65

-Take the 2nd exit off the roundabout (signposted Padiham).

-Straight through three sets of traffic lights, you come to a pelican crossing with a National Trust sign on the left hand side for Gawthorpe Hall.

-Take a sharp right taking the entrance to Gawthorpe Hall down the lane and enter car park saying Burnley Football Club only. 

Padiham FC
-Leave M65 at Junction 8, onto the A6068 towards Padiham

-Turn right onto A678 (Blackburn Road)

-Follow to the end and at roundabout go straight across onto Holland Street.

-At the junction with the Hare & Hounds pub, turn right

-Then first left into Padiham Football Club - Arbories Memorial Sports Ground 

Nelson FC
-Leave the M65 at junction 13

-At roundabout take the 4th exit onto Scotland Road - A682 (signposted Nelson), entering Nelson.

-At roundabout take the 1st exit onto Reedyford Road

-Turn right onto Leeds Road.

-Nelson FC is 200 yards down the road


Frenchfield, South End Rd, PenrithCA11 8JH

From South

-Follow A6 through Eamont Bridge to roundabout at top of hill.

-Take the third exit sign posted A686 Alston.

-Follow road for 500 yards and take the second right turn, sign posted Hunter Hall and Frenchfield.

-Pitches are 400 yards at the bottom of the hill.




Preston Sports Arena - PR2 1SG

Preston Sports Arena is situated some 2 miles outside Preston town centre and 10 minutes from the M6/M55 junction 32.

-Leave M6 at J32

-Follow the M55

-Leave at the first exit, J1

-Take the first slip road towards Preston

-First left to get onto Tom Benson Way (B6241)

Springfields Training Ground-PR2 1XR

-Leave M6 at J31

-Go up the hill towards Preston

-At mini roundabout (Hesketh Arms) go right onto Blackpool Rd

-Stay on this road approx 4 miles going past Deepdale on your left

-Through a series of traffic lights past a Chrysler car dealership on your left.

-Keep going until you see the Toby Carvery Pub

-Turn right opposite the pub into Tudor Av

-Then sharp left into Greenside Av

-Right into Dodney drive. 100 yards down Dodney Drive

-Springfields is on your right.



Castle Irwell Student Village
-Take A56 Bury New Rd heading towards Prestwich & Salford

-Follow this road through the traffic lights at Hilton Lane/Scholes Lane

-Continue on towards Higher Broughton until the traffic lights at Great Cheetham Street West.

-Turn right along Great Cheetham Street West (A576)

-Head towards the traffic lights at Lower Broughton Road.

-Go straight on through the traffic lights onto Cromwell Road.

Castle Irwell student village is on the right hand side approx 200 yards after the traffic lights. Enter the car park via the security system which has gates which will be activated by the attendant. 


From the North

-Take the Mersey Tunnel (Queensway - Birkenhead)

-After toll booths (£1.20), bear right onto the flyover - this descends into Borough Road, continue along Borough Road for approx 1 mile

-The Ground is on the right

From the South/East

-Exit the M53 at Junction 4 - take the 4th exit at the roundabout (B5151)

-After approx 2.5 miles, turn right into Prenton Road West.

-The Ground is signposted on both North and South/East Routes.

PLEASE NOTE:NO PARKING IS ALLOWED ON INGLEBOROUGH ROAD - Car Clamping will be enforced. Please use Car Park No1 at Prenton Park (Located in front of the Prentonian Suite). It is no more than 5 minutes walk to the training ground


Christopher Park - WN6 8LB
From East

-Exit M61 at jct 6 (signposted Chorley, Horwich A6027)

-Take first exit at roundabout. (NB: Do not take exit at jct 5 which is signposted Wigan).

-At next roundabout, take first left (signposted Westhoughton A6, Wigan B5238) into Chorley Road.

-After 0.3 miles, turn right (signposted Wigan B5238).

-After 1.8 miles, turn left at Aspull War Memorial (signposted Wigan B5238).

-After 2.2 miles, just after Earl of Balcarres Pub, turn right at traffic lights and go down hill getting into right hand lane.

-Turn right at lights onto Central Park Way, and follow this road past the hospital until you see The Cherry Gardens pub on right hand side.

-Turn left at roundabout, then immediately get into the right hand lane.

-Cut across oncoming traffic

-Turn left into Spencer Road.

-Follow Spencer Road for approx. 1.5 miles (road becomes Beech Hill Avenue) down the hill to major crossroads (with traffic lights)

-Turn right here, then follow this road which has a sharp right band, follow by a sharp left.

-100 yards after the second bend

-Turn right into Woodrush Road (signed Wigan Tech ARLFC)

-Ground is 100 yards on the left.

St John Rigby College, Gathurst Rd, Orrell, Wigan, WN5 0LJ

-After 2.3 miles at M62 J20 take the M66 Exit off the roundabout into M62 direction Manchester, Liverpool, M62, Bolton

-Leave the M62, and join the M60 at the M60 J18/M62 J18/M66 J4 junction direction M60, L'pool

-Leave the M60 at junction M60 J11/M62 J12/M602 J1 and straight ahead into M62 direction Warrington, Chester, Salford, Liverpool, M62, Birmingham.

-Leave the M62 at junction M6 J21a/M62 J10 and straight ahead onto Croft Interchange direction Preston, M6, Birmingham, Chester. (Warrington)

-Continue straight onto Croft Interchange

-Leave the Croft Interchange, and join the M6 at the M6 J22 junction

-Leave the M6 and straight ahead into M58

st-After 0.6 miles take the 1 Exit off the roundabout into A577 (Wigan)

-Turn right into (Wigan)B5206 (Gathurst Road)

-Continue straight into .B5206 (Gathurst Road)


Colliers Park Training Centre-LL12 8PW

From the North: M6, M56, M53, A483

-After Chester, follow the signs for Wrexham (A483) on the A483

-Take the exit signposted Nantwich.

st-Take immediate 1 left at roundabout signposted Gresford.

-Colliers Park is exactly ½ mile from this turn off. Pass The Beeches Pub & Travel Inn

-The ground is a further 200 yards on your left.

From the South: M6 Junction 10A, M54

-Follow signs for North Wales & Oswestry.

-After a series of roundabouts bypassing Shrewsbury, this road becomes the A483.

-Stay on the A483 heading to Wrexham (do not exit at Wrexham but go to the next junction signposted Nantwich).

th-At the roundabout take the 4 exit for Gresford.

-Continue as above

From the North East: A534

-Follow the signs for Wrexham, North Wales A534.

-As you approach Wrexham you will see Holt Lodge on the left

-Continue until you approach a roundabout

nd-Take 2 exit and head for the next roundabout/lights

th-Take the 6 exit signposted Gresford.

-Continue as above


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