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Junior season tickets for free

12 September 2012

Act of generosity from fans

, a group of fans had an idea how they could help support the recent fantastic offer by the club for £10 junior season tickets. on the message board Headed by Dean Hankin, a paypal account was set up

After speaking to Richard Attwood, of Trust Oldham, and Wendy Noble, of the Oldham Community Trust, it seemed an ideal way for the fans to help local children who were not in a position to have season tickets bought for them.

"That means over 50 children will have a season ticket who never expected one."

Dean said: "The response to the original idea has been phenomenal, over £500 has been donated so far by nearly 40 fans from around the world.

 so fans could donate to the initiative.

Oldham Athletic Community Trust is currently speaking with a number of local children's organisations to see where best these season tickets can be directed to.

Richard said: "Latics' fans have shown time and time again that they are not only generous with their money but also their time.

"Dean only makes a few games a year and wanted to do his bit. Latics' fans in exile around the country and world support any good cause that benefits the club which they support through thick and thin. This is just another example of how fans are doing their bit."

  or send any donation via PayPal to the same email address. wishing to donate can contact Dean on  

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