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Fans favour safe standing

17 June 2013

Supporters in call for change


You have your say.

And that endorses the vote at the Football League’s annual meeting when Latics were one of 55 of the 72 member clubs who favoured a proposal for trials to be given for safe-standing areas.

In our exclusive poll, 88-per-cent of supporters stated they would like to be able to stand to watch Latics..

Latics’ fans have given overwhelming backing for safe-standing areas to be allowed in current all seater English football grounds.

Michael Lees:“I would absolutely love a return to standing at Boundary Park - when the Chaddy End became all seater the place lost a bit of its soul - so much so I actually stopped going for a few seasons. Of course I couldn't stay away forever, but I am sure a controlled section of the ground for us die-hard singing folk would be safe and would benefit the team as the atmosphere would be better.”Tricia Curley: “

I think it is totally feasible - Brentford have this facility and we always choose to stand when we go there. It does give a different perspective to the game !”


Robert Kershaw: “I and maintain and it makes perfect sense for smaller clubs like Latics.”install be cheaper to also: “I've always supported safe standing. Gives people choice allows them to watch the match with their friends without having to pre book seats and would reduce the problems caused by people standing up in seated areas. Presumably it would John Billington

am definitely in favour of safe standing, especially in the Main Stand Paddock where, if you are sat on the front three rows you miss goalmouth action because the managers, coaches, trainers etc, are all stood up and obscuring your view from a seated position.”

Gary Thwaites:“I’m not in favour of safe standing on the basis...I still remember what happened at Hillsborough. More families and children now attend football matches since the all-seater rule while the standard of grounds has generally been raised. I will probably be in the minority, though I know it works in Germany.”

Gary Martin:“I started watching Latics in 1976 and I'm totally in favour of a return to some form of terracing. I have friends in Germany who can watch top teams from terracing with better attendances than many of our Premier League teams. It's ludicrous to think we can't do the same.”

“If Oasis can have tens of thousands standing up in Heaton Park, there is no reason why safe standing cannot be at OAFC.”Roy Ward:

Peter Ward:“I would vote no regarding standing at football matches. People have short memories and, though the authorities can build in endless safeguards, the human element can always be relied upon to mess things up eg Hillsborough.”

Mark Winterbottom: “I have long been of the belief that well managed standing areas of the type successful in Germany would not only be as safe as seated areas but would vastly improve atmospheres in stadiums.”

Graham Anderson: “I would definitely say yes to standing areas being re-introduced back into football as long as it was very well stewarded and policed. No one ever wants to see a repeat of what happened at Hillsborough. I have personal experience of being in a crush as when Latics played Liverpool back in the early 60's. I was injured in the Chaddy End when the barriers crashed due to overcrowding and would not like any child to go through that again. The standing should be for families and not groups of youths as we have in Rochdale Road end.

"IGary Pearson:t would be great if the club could have some safe-standing areas. It would improve the atmosphere and would encourage people to change their habits by inviting friends and family. Any game that I have attended in the past with standing - York City's Bootham Crescent, Macclesfield Town's Moss Rose and Carlisle United's Brunton Park - the standing has always assisted in gaining a buoyant and vibrant atmosphere. 

Duncan Lynch:“I am a former fire steward at Boundary Park and always felt standing areas should be introduced back at football grounds. If the areas are not too large and supervised properly, I don't see why they shouldn’t be reintroduced. I have found that due to medical conditions such as bad circulation, some people are unable to sit for long periods and this would be beneficial for them.”











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