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Oldham Athletic Community Trust

24 March 2014

Over the course of the week we aim to raise the profile of Oldham Athletic Community Trust and give you a daily insight into who the Community Trust are and the work we do.

Mission:    A Trust based at the heart of its community
Vision:      Improving lives and providing good opportunities through sport
Values:     Dedicated, Professional and inspirational

Not many people are aware but Oldham Athletic Community Trust is a charitable organisation which was first established 27 years ago. The Community Trust was originally established under the banner of 'Football in the Community', with the aim being to bring the professional football club and their community closer together. Since the Trust's formation, the scheme has developed. As a Community Trust we aim to work towards six key objectives:

• Promote sport and learning opportunities to the wider community.
• Provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy, achieve and reach their fullest potential whilst participating on our projects.
• Place Oldham Athletic Football Club at the heart of its community by providing opportunities for interaction with the whole club.
• Help grow the future supporter base of Oldham Athletic Football Club.
• Help to raise standards in sport and education.
• Help to create a culture where there is zero tolerance for verbal, physical, racist, sexist and homophobic abuse. We will use the respect campaign and work alongside Kick It Out to reinforce and maintain our standards to reduce abusive side-line behaviour and, in doing so, improve the local football experience.

Here at OACT, we aim to support the local community regardless of age, gender, race, religion or skill level to promote a healthier lifestyle through sport. We aim to do this by encouraging individuals to take part in fun-based activities which develop confidence, co-operation and education.

The main areas of our work as a Community Trust are our:

• Schools programme
• Inclusion projects
• Development centres
• OAFC match day activities
• Holiday courses.

Last year we worked with over 10,000 people from the community of Oldham, a figure we aim to surpass in 2014. We believe that the coming year will be the biggest and best year to date with plenty to look forward to.

The work we do within the community would not be possible without the help of key partners. We'd like to thank all of our partners for their continued support in helping us to achieve our aims and objectives.

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