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Getting To Know... Adam Lockwood

20 May 2014

In this new feature, we get to know more about 'The General', Adam Lockwood.

Who did you support as a boy?
I was a Sheffield Wednesday supporter. I wasn't a big fan as such but I used to go and watch them when I was younger. They were in their good years, playing Premier League football at the time.

Who was your footballing hero?
I enjoyed watching Chris Waddle. He was entertaining and I loved watching him play football. He was nowhere near my position but he was a really good player.

Who do you think will win the World Cup?
I think it will definitely be a South American team. If you bet against Brazil in Brazil you are a brave man. Spain and Germany are strong but I think it will be a South American team that wins it.

Who has the best banter at the club?
There are a few who have all different types. Jon Guy, the physio, chuckles me with some of his banter. He really hits my spot.

What is the highlight of your career so far?
Beating Leeds in the final of the play-off's with Doncaster Rovers.

Best match you have ever watched?
When Liverpool won the Champions League. To come from 3-0 down in the final and win it was very impressive.

Best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Somebody once said to me you are where you are at any one time. In football terms, whatever level you are playing at, sometimes people think that they are above that level. You maybe are as a player but you are actually at that level so you have to do your utmost to get to the next level. You can't rest on your laurels and you have to work hard day in day out to achieve that and it doesn't come on a plate. If you do that then you will achieve what you set out to do.

What is your favourite film?
Brewsters Millions. 

Job you would have liked to have done if you were not a footballer?
I would definitely be a comedian.

Three words to describe you?
Tall, ginger and handsome.

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