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Response To Trust Oldham

23 December 2019

Following Trust Oldham's letter of complaint, via the Chair Elaine Ganderton, dated the 6 December 2019, the club has prepared a detailed response to be delivered to the Directors today.

The letter has also been referred to the Board of Directors and will be discussed at the next board meeting.

A summary for supporters from the response is as follows:

  • The club was disappointed that Trust Oldham rejected an offer by the Finance Director to take a detailed written response and talk all Directors through each of the points at their next meeting.
  • The club noted the adversarial tone in the letter as well as trust updates published, which is felt to be not conducive to a good working relationship. The club would like an open and supportive relationship with the trust, and has given their nominated Director, as well as one other Director of the trust unprecedented access to commercially sensitive information, as well as the full set of accounts, bank statements (both of the club’s and Chairman’s).
  • Many of the points raised with regards to the 'shortcomings' of the 2017/18 accounts are factually incorrect, some key examples are as follows.
  1. No Income Statement – which is factually incorrect. This has been shown to two Directors of the trust on two occasions as well as answering various questions.
  2. No Directors’ Report, and hence no statement of strategy, no analysis of Directors’ share transactions and no statement of contingent liabilities – the Director’s report is contained in the full set of accounts.
  • The club has raised a few concerns with regards to the trust’s complete disregard for the time, effort and information shared with them over the past six months, where the Managing Director and the Finance Director have spent a huge amount of time receiving, answering and explaining questions on a weekly basis, both in written, e-mail, text and physical meetings. The club would appreciate reciprocity of this goodwill.
  • The club would also like a change in the adversarial nature of communications. The club would like a professional and supportive relationship with Trust Oldham as the fans’ representative body, and therefore would welcome a change in the current hostile atmosphere through mutual respect and regular dialogue.

Trust Oldham's letter of complaint to the club can be viewed by clicking here to ensure full transparency

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