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It started 125 years ago, this journey of ours.

4 July 2020


It started 125 years ago, this journey of ours.

4 July 2020

Formed in 1895 as Pine Villa to then becoming Oldham Athletic four years later and playing at Boundary Park ever since, it's a club that not only has plenty of history but means a lot to its people and the town itself.

Today marks our 125th anniversary as a football club. 

To remember this special day, we've produced a poem to show what it means to support Oldham Athletic.

It started 125 years ago, this journey of ours.

A milestone that shows we’re a proud Lancashire club, with an enchanting story to tell.

Through years of emotion, years of sheer pride, it’s a labour of love to which we are tied.

We know what it’s like to be everyone’s favourite underdog and what it means to be a proud Latic. It’s our journey you see, it’s made us somewhat fanatic.

The origins were formed from the mills of hard workers, the town full of chimneys they called it. It was our roots, our beginning, it was where we were made.

Success would shortly follow, too, with impressive spells before both wars.

Some of us were lucky enough to witness England’s very own George Hardwick, the extreme highs of moving through the leagues under Jimmy, to celebrating those ‘royally’ good years.

We were fantastic on plastic, we fought at a Wembley final. We were there when the Premier League began and completed the greatest of great escapes.

It’s fair to say though our loyalty has been tested more than ever since. 30 years of ‘real’ hurt in fact!

But, through every emotion felt, we continue to keep the faith.

Those FA Cup giant-killings and heroics in recent times, show our name is still remembered and noticed.

We’ve had memorable days on the road, in numbers, making all the noise. Because out on that pitch, those are our boys!

Lasting bonds made as an extended family, have been passed onto each generation. It’s the foundation of a sensation that gives us a unique sense of admiration.

We’re a team and a town that wants the best for its people. A chance to wear the Owl and see the players do the same with pride, passion and belief as we dare to be wise.

Beginning in 1895, from Pine Villa to Oldham Athletic and to our spiritual home of Boundary Park; our great story continues from playing in stripes of red and white to the famed blue and tangerine.

Now is a perfect time to reflect, reminisce and remember all those past and present.

Gemmell, Lister, Wood, Shaw and Johnstone. To Palmer, Ritchie, Sheridan and Eyres in naming but a few. Never forgetting our Ernie and Big Gordy, too.

The sacrifices given and the memories made. We’ve invested in youth, seeing our lads make it to the top of their game.

It’s tough being a football fan, we know that more than most. But how we all yearn to be in the stands and engrossed.

Lockdown has, in a strange way, taught us to appreciate the little things we all miss about our club. It’s like it has something magnetic. It’s genetic, kinetic and it leaves us energetic.

So here’s to us all, and those before us making Latics our team.

125 years strong and long may it continue! 

As we all write a new chapter together again, soon.


A special thanks goes to Alan Jones (editing), Andrew Haines (script) and Mike Leyland (narration) for their contribution, help and advice towards the creation of the video.

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