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Ticket News

Season Ticket Announcement

12 February 2021

Oldham Athletic can confirm current season tickets holders have now been contacted directly via email from Supporter Services, and post where needed, with the following information.

When looking at potential refunds for the current season and pricing for the 2021/22 campaign, we have taken into consideration the detrimental effects the current pandemic has had on our fanbase from both an emotional and financial perspective, and also the club with regards to cash flow.

We have put together a fair reflection of your commitment to Latics, alongside what you have received from iFollow and the current financial climate.

As well as recognising season ticket holders for 2020/21, we have also considered the difficult decision that 2019/20 season ticket holders made at the end of that campaign in not renewing based on the uncertainty of the future.

Please note, any existing arrangements that were made at the end of 2019/20 season such as extra matchday tickets instead of refunds, these will still be valid and our dedicated Supporter Services team will be in touch in due course.

In addition, we are mindful that a commitment was made to 125 existing season ticket holders to receive their commitment free of charge for the 2021/22 season. A draw has taken place in advance and you will be informed before Monday 1 March.

Also, season ticket renewals and sales will commence online from Monday 1 March.

Season Ticket Pricing (2021/22)

Existing Season Ticket Holders

The renewal prices below take into consideration your support and understanding of the clubs current financial position and we believe will offer one of the lowest season ticket pricing structures in the EFL.

1st-Table - B.jpg

With the exception of adult prices after the 28th May, the prices above are the full price payable for renewing your season ticket, and no further refunds are applicable.

U12's will remain FREE if purchased with a paying Adult/Concession.
* = Concessions are Over 65’s & Under 21’s.
** = Does not guarantee renewal of exact/usual seat.

Season Ticket Holders (2019/20)

If you wish to purchase a season ticket for the 2021/22 season and you were a holder in the 2019/20 campaign but did not renew for the current season, then the pricing is as follows:

2nd Table - B.jpg

U12's will remain FREE if purchased with a paying Adult/Concession.
* = Concessions are Over 65’s & Under 21’s.
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee access to your original seat.

New Season Tickets (2021/22)

New season tickets for the 2021/22 campaign are as follows:

3rd Table - B.jpg

U12's will remain FREE if purchased with a paying Adult/Concession.
* = Concessions are Over 65’s & Under 21’s.

Season Ticket Refunds (2021/21)

The one element that has been apparent over recent months is the major difference between watching the game live at Boundary Park and through iFollow.

We will therefore offer a refund, after 28th May, of the difference between an adult season ticket price and iFollow subscription at the end of the current playing season once the number of games is confirmed. If the season is completed in full and fans are not able to attend any live games at Boundary Park, the amount refundable will be £40.02, explained as follows:

(2020/21 Adult ST Price of £270 divided by 23 home games = £11.74 per game, minus iFollow Subscription of £10 per game (given complimentary to all season ticket holders), resulting in a balance of £1.74 per game, multiplied by 23 games, equaling £40.02)

The offer of refunds does not apply to concessions and other categories, as iFollow subscription prices are in excess of the price per game of a season ticket.

Refunding for 2020/21 and intending to purchase a season ticket for 2021/22?
If you intend to purchase a season ticket for 2021/22 but wish to take up a refund for 2020/21, you may do so after the 28th May, by emailing, with your season ticket number, full name and address. The renewal price on your season ticket account will automatically be £189.98 (£230 minus £40.02).

Any season ticket holders not wishing to take the refund are able to renew before 7th May to benefit from the lower prices.

Refunding for 2020/21 and not intending to renew for 2021/22?
Please email, with your season ticket number, full name and address. Refund payments will not be made until after 28th May.

Further Information

Securing Existing Seats

All existing 2021/22 season ticket seats will be held until 4pm on Friday 28 May. After this point, all seats not taken will be made available for general sale.

North Stand Update
It remains a priority for Oldham Athletic to have the seats in the North Stand (rightly known as the Joe Royle Stand) available for next season when we hope to be welcoming fans back to Boundary Park.

If any supporter purchases a season ticket for the 2021/22 season and subsequently wants to transfer to the Joe Royle Stand, we will accommodate this request at no further cost and will attempt to re-house any supporters in the seat they held in this stand in previous campaigns. We will also keep supporters informed of progress in this area but would suggest that, in the meantime, you renew as soon as possible to take advantage of the discounted prices.

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