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Club News

Wod Bodz At Glo Gym!

22 April 2023

Club News

Wod Bodz At Glo Gym!

22 April 2023

GLO GYM Oldham has become one of the most popular fitness centres in the Oldham and surrounding areas since its refurbishment in February last year.

The gym's reputation skyrocketed even further after the takeover by Oldham Athletic and the Rothwell family in November 2022, drawing in a massive influx of new members.

This impressive growth is not just due to the facilities' state-of-the-art equipment, but also the innovative and effective classes offered, such as the popular WOD BODZ.

WOD BODZ (Workout Of The Day) is a 30-minute group workout that incorporates hybrid-style training concepts such as AMRAPS (As Many Rounds As Possible) and EMOMS (Every Minute On The Minute).


These training approaches require a high intensity and variety of movements, which is proven to be an extremely effective way to build strength and endurance.

AMRAPS challenge sees participants complete as many rounds of a set sequence of exercises as possible within a specific time frame. The concept behind this training style is that it pushes the body to work at its maximum potential and tests an individual's endurance.

Similarly, EMOMS require individuals to perform a set of exercises every minute, often within a limited time frame. The goal of this training approach is to increase an individual's cardiovascular capacity, overall functional strength, and endurance.

The introduction of WOD BODZ classes at GLO GYM Oldham has been a huge success, attracting a significant number of new members who are seeking a high-intensity workout.

This workout is ideal for individuals who are short on time but still want an effective and challenging workout. It is also perfect for individuals who enjoy working out with a group and thrive on competition and encouragement from others.

The current GLO GYM Oldham timetable is below. If you are a member and want to book a WOD BODZ class, use your login on the website to book in the usual way.


Moreover, the takeover by Oldham Athletic has added another level of excitement to GLO GYM Oldham. The gym now offers a unique opportunity for fitness enthusiasts to train alongside professional athletes. Many members are now taking advantage of this opportunity, and the gym has become a hub for both fitness and sports enthusiasts alike.

The management team and staff at GLO GYM Oldham have done an excellent job of staying up to date with the latest fitness trends and incorporating them into their gym's offerings.

They have taken a progressive approach to fitness by introducing new classes and training methods to their members, which has helped the gym to become one of the most popular in Greater Manchester.

In conclusion, the impressive growth in popularity of GLOGYM Oldham since the refurbishment in February 2022, and more growth since the takeover of Oldham Athletic in November 2022, can be attributed to the gym's innovative approach to fitness.

The introduction of new classes such as WOD BODZ has proven to be extremely effective, and the opportunity to train alongside professional athletes has been a unique draw for many fitness enthusiasts.

GLO GYM Oldham has cemented its position as one of Greater Manchester’s top fitness centres and will undoubtedly continue to grow and evolve with the changing needs of its members.


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