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Supporters Code of Conduct

Plan A Measures

With 'Plan B' measures now being lifted, COVID Certification will still not be required at home games.

Please note, even if double-vaccinated, you must not attend if you, or anybody attending with you, is suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, feels unwell, or is required to self-isolate.

Negative Lateral Flow tests are also not required, but it is recommended that you take one for your own safety if meeting others outside of your household.

In line with new Government guidance, face-coverings are not required but are advised when located in busy indoor areas.

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Oldham Athletic is a family club, open to all and we will make every effort to make everyone feel welcome when they come to Boundary Park. The Club will not tolerate unacceptable conduct at home or at away football stadia. 

Unacceptable conduct brings the Clubs reputation into disrepute. It is recognised that football is a passionate game and supporters will have their own way of expressing their support and reactions. This is acceptable and welcomed as it often adds positively to the matchday experience. 

Oldham Athletic expects all of our supporters to conduct themselves in a way that represents the values of the Club. Conduct which jeopardises the safety and enjoyment of others or is likely to bring the Club into disrepute is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. 

Please note; children UNDER THE AGE OF 14-YEARS-OLD MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT AGED OVER 18. This is to safeguard our children when in attendance at Boundary Park. 

Unacceptable conduct is conduct considered to be violent or disorderly. Violent conduct includes any actual, attempted or threatened physical violence against any person or intentional damage to property. 

Disorderly conduct includes that which is designed to create hatred or ill will towards individuals or groups based on their; gender, colour, race or religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability. 

  • Using threatening or abusive language or conduct.
  • Displaying anything which is threatening, abusive or insulting.
  • In respect of any individual who is guilty of a football-related offence or is in breach of EFL Ground Regulations either at Boundary Park or when visiting other stadia the club (and where necessary the Police) will take appropriate action (this includes pitch incursions).  

Such action is likely to include: 

  • Refusal of entry to, or ejection from the stadium followed by a written warning.
  • Temporary and/or indefinite club or Football Banning orders from attending Oldham Athletic home and away fixtures.
  • Report to the police potentially resulting in criminal proceedings leading to banning orders for all matches and/or custodial sentences. 

It is recognised that the action taken will be relevant to each individual case and Oldham Athletic work closely with Greater Manchester police to share and collate information regarding any supporters involved in unacceptable conduct and behaviour at both home and away fixtures. 

In addition, please note the following strict regulations are in place at Boundary Park for continued spectator safety:

  • Any supporter attempting to encroach onto the moat/track areas will be ejected (as this is clearly done with the intention of getting on the pitch).
  • Supporters intending to encroach onto the pitch will also be ejected and handed over to the police which in turn will lead to a club ban.
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden in seating areas or in view of the pitch.

Personnel Responsible: 
Steve Clarke (Safety Officer)
Jack Tomlinson (Club Secretary)
Pamela Makin (Safeguarding Manager)

Date of Review: 14th December 2021 
Next Review Date: 14th December 2022 

Oldham Athletic Football Club looks forward to welcoming you back to Boundary Park. In line with Government guidance on the admission of supporters to football stadia, this Code of Conduct acts to principally guide and advise ticket holders of the protocols in place during the matchday event.

The Club has put in place a range of processes to ensure the safety of all supporters at our matches, however, it is vitally important that all attendees play their part in making each event safe and enjoyable and to do so we need your continued support and co-operation.

Supporters are therefore kindly reminded of the requirement to adhere to this Code of Conduct at all times and follow all safety requirements, in order to assist Club staff and stewards and to help protect you and your fellow fans. 

  • Supporters must not attend if they are suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, are feeling unwell, or if they have been in close contact recently with anyone experiencing symptoms or who has tested positive. In the event you develop COVID-19 symptoms whilst at the stadium, please notify the nearest member of Club staff immediately.
  • Plan your journey in advance and arrive at the stadium in plenty of time – normal entry points might be closed, and additional stadium entry procedures will be in operation. We ask supporters to arrive between 1:30pm and 2:30pm to ensure they have enough time to get to their seats.
  • Please ensure that you bring your match tickets with you on matchday. You can either download the ticket as a QR code to your phone wallet or print it at home using the attached PDF copy. The club is unable to re-print tickets on matchday.
  • On arrival at the ground please be aware that social distancing and safety measures will be in operation and follow all Club signage, instructions, and guidance issued by stewards and/or Club personnel.
  • It is Club policy that all supporters must wear a face covering when entering and exiting the stadium as well as when you are moving around. Following EFL and Government guidance, face coverings are not mandatory but are advised when in busy indoor areas. For any supporters that are exempt then a plastic face shield can be used.
  • Please avoid bringing large bags into the stadium and only do so if absolutely necessary, to avoid slowing down the stadium entry processes.
  • We advise supporters to bring ID with them as spot checks will be undertaken. Under 18s do not require ID.
  • At all times please observe social distancing and avoid close contact with others not in your social bubble.
  • Upon entering the stadium please pay close attention to signage, floor markings, and instructions issued by stewards or via the club’s PA system, this will help get you where you need to be in the most efficient way.
  • Some of the ground’s amenities, such as toilets, food and drink outlets, may not be in operation or may be operating at a reduced capacity.
  • When using toilet facilities, please follow all guidelines, be patient and considerate towards other users, and wait your turn to avoid toilets areas becoming crowded. Where possible, try to avoid peak times (such as half-time and the end of the game).
  • Always maintain good hand hygiene around the stadium – use the sanitiser dispensers provided and avoid touching your face or handles and railings whenever possible.
  • Please remain in your seat for the full game if possible – including at half-time and avoid unnecessary movement. If you need to move, wait until gangways are clear, avoid face-to-face contact and follow stewards’ instructions.
  • We all hope we will be celebrating a goal but please remember to maintain safe distances to other supporters, not in your social bubble and be respectful and mindful to those around you whose individual circumstances may differ from your own.
  • Please refrain from touching the match ball if it is kicked out of play and into the stands. A member of Club staff will collect the ball in order to sanitise it and return it to the field of play.
  • Supporters are kindly asked not to approach any of the Club’s or visiting Club’s players or coaching staff at any time, as players and staff will not be able to sign autographs or pose for photographs.
  • Please be patient when leaving the stadium and listen to the advice from stewards. It will take longer than normal to leave due to the procedures in place to allow supporters to exit the stadium safely and efficiently.
  • The Club reserves the right to eject any supporter that fails to comply with this Code of Conduct and reminds all fans that stadium capacities may ultimately be negatively impacted as a result of any safety issues.

Thank you for your support and full co-operation. Please stay alert, follow these guidelines and help us all enjoy the match safely.

With over 20 million supporters attending EFL fixtures each season, there will be occasions where a supporter will require medical treatment during a match.

The health and safety of everybody attending matches at Oldham Athletic is of paramount importance, so fans can be reassured that all Clubs have a Matchday Medical Plan with dedicated crowd medical teams in stadia, ready to assist at any point during the match.  

If a supporter becomes unwell at Boundary Park and requires medical assistance, then we strongly advise that the nearest steward is made aware who will ensure that the crowd medical team is notified and that appropriate care is provided.

It is important to note that the responsibilities of the crowd medical teams are separate to club medical support teams for players.

During the 2021/22 season, the club had a fixture paused while medical treatment was provided to a supporter. On several occasions, the usual Matchday Medical Plan has been bypassed with members of the Clubs’ on-pitch medical teams called in to assist.

Supporters are asked not to alert players or staff on the pitch as in most cases the crowd medical team will be able to provide medical care as the match continues.

Should a situation arise where there is a need for the match to be halted, a decision will be taken between the crowd medical team, the ground safety team and the match officials with the information relayed to the supporters at the ground.

This is in line with the briefing note produced by National Events Medicine Advisory Group (NEMAG) in conjunction with the Sports Grounds Safety Authority’s (SGSA) and football authorities.

Again, it is important to remember that if you have any concerns or need assistance while at the match, then please notify your nearest steward who will, in turn, inform the club's Crowd Doctor.